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Brazilians: What to Expect When You’re Epilating (And How To Prepare)

Who's afraid of the big bad bush (or lack thereof)? 

Yes, I'm talking about pubic hair.  *gasp* 

Some of you might get all "High and Mighty" thinking this topic is inappropriate, or maybe you're offended that I used the word "bush".  Well, stop reading get over it.  We all have pubic hair, and some of us (for various reasons) like to remove it.  It's as simple as that. 

Let me be clear, we don't hate on the bush.  If that's what you prefer, more power to you. 

For those of you who prefer it gone and struggle with the side effects of shaving--read on, my friends.

We'll start with a little personal story. 

I can’t say my first waxing experience was much different from Steve Carrell's in 40 Year Old Virgin, aside from the fact that I was getting a brazilian and he was getting a chest wax. (Fun fact: He got waxed for real in order to make the scene more authentic.) Way to commit to the role, Steve. #Props Anyway, I basically went full o…

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