That Plunge.

We’re doing it.   We're putting on the big-girl suit, drop-kicking the swimmies and belly-flopping into this deep end, aka "the blog-o-sphere".   As scary and uncharted as this is, we’re thrilled to finally attempt to utilize this medium of communication.  I'm Carly, aka Carl, aka the Content Creator.   I became a Professional Pimple Popper, so…yeah, if you’re the type that gets their panties in a wad over punctuation errors you should probably go sit on a cactus this may not be your cup of tea.  "Use it or Lose it" is actually a thing (It's been over a decade since I've had to turn in a college paper) and I've definitely lost some of it.  However,  if you like to learn cool things, feel some feels, have a sense of humor,  and you can handle a few too many commas,,,,welcome. 

            Now that I have your eyes captive, here’s a rundown of our plan:

 1. We want to keep you “In the Know” 
We'll keep you up to date with all things Sue Lane.  Special Events,  announcements, new treatment options, new staff, etc.  Facebook is great for a paragraph and a photo but here we have all the space to elaborate.  So much room for activities! We also want you to know us as individuals.   We really like each other.  We have this bubble and it’s a laid back, loving little atmosphere.  We’re a Boutique Spa.  We’re tiny but we also have the freedom to do whatever the hell we please make the space our own.  

2. We want you to engage with us.  It’s been two years. We've accomplished some pretty great things but we've also made some rookie errors.  We've got the skills but we’re still figuring out what works and what doesn’t on the business side of things.  We’re changing things up.  We’re learning as we go.  We value your business and your opinion and we invite you to give us feedback.   We’re here to serve you. We want this to be your happy place.  So, tell us what you want (what you really, really want).

3. We want to show you what we can do.  We do all most of the things;  Hair, Make-up, Skin-care, Massage-Therapy, Body-Work, Waxing, Lash-Extensions and Nails.  Frankly, we love our clients and we want to show them off.  From on-site weddings to in-house treatments, you've officially got a front row seat.  We get that seeing is believing and we hope you'll believe in our skills after seeing the results for yourself.  Yes, there are shitty dishonest people who upload photo-shopped skincare "results."  We are not those people.  It’s an insult to our work to not be honest about it.  The truth is we give everyone our absolute best, and for those who are committed to home-care and the recommended treatment plan, the results are usually impressive.  #Nofilter   

4.  We want you to learn with us.  
We love what we do and we want to continue to excel.  We’re always researching new products and techniques.  It's called a practice and that’s exactly what we do.  We continue to improve and expand our philosophies.  We like to stay on top of trends and to be able to differentiate between a passing fad and something of substance.   To quote one of my instructors, “When you graduate, what you’re really getting is a license to learn.”  We’re in an ever-evolving field.  Formulations change.  Theories change.   As technology advances, so do our modalities.  We want to share our experience with you as we melt our faces off  experiment with them.  

5. We want to nurture your soul. 
I know the intro was slightly bitchy sassy but the truth is we love to care for people.  If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be in this industry. In this fast-paced, impersonal, exhausting, anxiety-inducing, digital age, our role as care-givers is more important than ever.  I realize I’m saying this on a digital medium but our ultimate goal is to physically get you in here.  Platonic physical touch is so powerful and unfortunately becoming a thing of the past.  Part of our job is filling that void and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly.  You deserve to feel cared for.  That being said, if you’re unable to come here physically, we’ll do our best to nurture and inspire you with wellness stories, tips and tricks.  

 I hope this tickled your curiosity enough to check back in.  The ideal plan is posting every Monday.  We can’t wait to over-share our world with you.   Until Next time.



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