Self-Care: Part 1

It’s already a quarter of the way through February.   January sort of whizzed by for me.   January:  The month of self-promises and resolutions to do better, to be better, etc.   Yeah.  It’s also the month that I didn’t get a single Blog Post published.    Funny, I started drafting this post last month and I basically did the opposite of what I’m about to tell you to do.  #Classic. 

I know the agonizing truth behind “Easier said than done” but seriously… (tap out) uncle.

This post originally started with me talking about different types of resolutions people make for the New Year which segued into discussing the importance of Self-Care or lack thereof and the effect the latter has on said resolutions.

I still believe the two go hand in hand, but before we commit to caring for ourselves and taking over the world, we need to do a little mental inventory.  I’m not just talking about what you consciously think about on the regular. Those thoughts are easier to recognize and to work on.  I’m talking about the deep stuff.  The real shit.  The subconscious beliefs we’ve formed over time.  Positive and Negative.  Are there any self-limiting beliefs we’re holding on to?  Are we failing before we even start because we’re actually afraid of our own success?   

I’ll give you a personal example:  I set out with every intention to make this blog a success.  I even wrote in the first entry that I’d be posting every Monday.  (Ha.)  It was a nice thought.  And at the time, part of me really believed I could do it.  But therein lied the problem.  Only PART of me.  I thought to myself, “I have some knowledge and I’m able to connect with people and I’m occasionally witty.  Let’s do this!”  And then it came time to “do this” and I choked.  Some call it writer’s block and I did too, for a period of time.  But when I really took the time to dissect my thought process, I realized what it actually was; fear. 

I pictured myself writing another entry and pushing the publish button and my anxiety spiked.  Not because I didn’t think I could write something but because I was afraid of people judging what I did write...which then kept me from writing...  (I exhaust myself)  

What if the blog became successful and it attracted more attention?  What if I offended someone with my writing style? What if someone challenged me in the comment section and I had to respond?  

Obviously no matter what or how I write I’m bound to offend someone (especially because of the current climate of (not unfounded) sensitivity paired with the ability to call people out on a digital medium instead of face to face) but why can’t I accept this?  

Self limiting belief #1. I’m only as good as what people think of me.  #2 If I unintentionally offend someone by being myself, I am a bad person.  

Consciously, I know these things aren’t true but they’ve resided in my subconscious/unconscious mind for the past twenty some years and it’s going to take quite a bit of time to reverse them.   In the meantime, however, I will continue to have to consciously challenge these beliefs as I attempt to fulfill my writing duties or any other goal I set.  Here's my new thought process: "I love to write, I love my job, and I love writing about my job.  I intend to educate and inspire people and to make it a lighthearted, entertaining process.  I am capable and my intentions are good."  Also, my new goal for this blog is to post at least once a month. 

I could add on part two here, but I feel it may be too much to digest all at once. I want the focus to be on the mind, here.   The neat thing is it’s already written so the only challenge I’ll have is to push that damn publish button.  💚  

I also mentioned in the first blog post that we hope to inspire you.  So here’s where I challenge you to think.  Think about the things you’d like to improve or achieve.  Dive in with gusto and if you find yourself stalling, don’t be afraid to look deeper and challenge your mind and any negative, false belief it holds.   

You just might be the only thing standing in your way.  




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