Brazilians: What to Expect When You’re Epilating (And How To Prepare)

Who's afraid of the big bad bush (or lack thereof)? 

Yes, I'm talking about pubic hair.  *gasp* 

Some of you might get all "High and Mighty" thinking this topic is inappropriate, or maybe you're offended that I used the word "bush".  Well, stop reading get over it.  We all have pubic hair, and some of us (for various reasons) like to remove it.  It's as simple as that. 

Let me be clear, we don't hate on the bush.  If that's what you prefer, more power to you. 

For those of you who prefer it gone and struggle with the side effects of shaving--read on, my friends.

We'll start with a little personal story. 

I can’t say my first waxing experience was much different from Steve Carrell's in 40 Year Old Virgin, aside from the fact that I was getting a brazilian and he was getting a chest wax. (Fun fact: He got waxed for real in order to make the scene more authentic.) Way to commit to the role, Steve. #Props Anyway, I basically went full on Jackie Chan (involuntarily) with each pull.  Poor Becca had to continuously dodge my spastic legs. I swore up and down I would never get it done again. I didn’t see, at that moment, any benefit of continuing.    

Oh, how little I knew.

Here’s the deal.  Most of your hairs (prior to your first time waxing) are in a “Happy Place.”  The follicles are well nourished. Think of a well-maintained plant. Especially if you’ve been shaving most of your life, the integrity of the follicle is prime and the roots are thick and hearty.  So then we come in, wax ablazin’, and pull them out of that happy place. The thicker the root, the more you feel it.  

So yes, the first time hurts the most. No way around it.  

Here’s the good news. Because our hairs are all in different stages of growth at one time, there’s less hair to wax the second time.   #winning It gets less painful the more you do it. (The goal is to eventually get all of the hair on the same growth cycle so as to extend the period without any re-growth, but we'll get back to that.)

So I bit the bullet (actually, my wallet) and went for round two only to find I didn’t need it. It hurt exponentially less.  It also took two weeks for my hair to even start to grow back and I didn’t have any of the itching or burning you get from shaving.

I finally saw the light.

So how do you prepare?

1. Take a shower/bath or sit in a steam room to soften the skin/hair follicles. This will allow the root to come out easier and prevents breakage during the treatment.

2. Exfoliate the area to be waxed. (for the same reasons above)

3. Take a few ibuprofen about 45 minutes prior to your appointment to reduce inflammation.
*side notes* Alcohol, while it may seem like a good way to take the edge off, causes inflammation so lay off the juice it's not recommended. I will add that we live in Colorado and while I don't personally care to part take in the green scene, I haven't found anything that says it would negatively interfere so if you live here (or in a state where it's recreationally legal, you're of age, and you can get a ride from a friend so you're not driving impaired), have at it.

If you have really thick hair, you'll probably have some pin-point bleeding (totally normal and nothing to be alarmed about). Also, Depending on how sensitive your skin is you may get really pink (again, totally normal and usually subsides within 24 hours at the most).

So now that you know what to expect, how do you decide what to order?  Yes, that’s right. There are options.   You can play it safe in Ocean City, hold a little back in France, or go all out in Brazil.  

Here’s a breakdown of the menu (with super fun illustrations):

illustration credit to

It's your choice, but we favor Brazil.  I mean, you're already traveling.  Why not go all out?

Also, the bum area is like a free gift with purchase.   It doesn't hurt, even during the first treatment.  #bonus #fresh  As you can see, you also have the option of leaving a little bit in whichever shape you choose (minus a heart or star because...seriously, stop)  If you can't decide what you want or you're not sure what you can handle you can always book a bikini and go from there.  It does get more painful as you move inward, but the R.O.I. is so great, it's worth the brief discomfort.

 R.O.I. /Benefits: 

1.Probably the number one benefit you'll see is how long it takes before growing back.  Shaving lasts approximately 1 to 3 days.  Waxing lasts 2 to 4 weeks.  So if you're someone who's hair grows fast and you like not having any to deal with, this is a great option for you.  
As I said above, the hair starts out in three different stages of growth (if you want to nerd out, look up the stages; anagen, catagen, telogen.) We wax in the anagen stage, when about 85% of your hair is ready. You may notice some growth within the first week after your first wax. This is the other 15% that was in the early anagen stage (not breaching the surface yet) when you got waxed.  It takes around 3 to 4 weeks to get almost all of the hair on to the same growth cycle which means longer lasting results.    *side note* If you shave in between, you will be starting at zero again, so just say NO.

2.When it does grow back, you won't have that itchy, burning feeling you get from shaving.  (this is honestly just as, if not more, important to me than how long it lasts.)  I can't handle that feeling.  I. can't.

3. It really just makes vacations easier.  Who wants to pack a razor for Cabo?  (no one) 

What about after care?

The two main things you have to remember are hydration and exfoliation (much like facial skincare). 

Using a non-comodogenic/non-irritating balm like Deirdre Fallon Skin's "Drenched" is a fantastic way to keep the skin soft and hydrated.  Adding a scrub or a liquid exfoliator like Peak 10's "2% Salicylic Acid" will help to treat and prevent ingrown hairs.

You also want to avoid anything irritating like hot tubs/pools/tight clothing/friction for 48 hours after waxing. 

What else is there to know?

Well, we have a few tips that are mutually beneficial:

1. If you've just ran a marathon or ridden the entire length of summit county on a bike, please use a wet nap or take a shower.  Sing with me now: "Odor free is good for you AND me."

2. If you're on your period, please a. have a tampon in before lying on the table and b. TELL US.   I've heard wayyy too many horror stories of wax accidentally getting on a string that was barely visible and whipping out like a crazy, messy helicopter when the wax gets pulled and making the treatment room look like an episode from CSI.    So, please,  Save us both (and the walls) from that disgusting awkward misfortune.    * side note*  It does hurt more to be waxed while on your period, so maybe just try and schedule around it. 

3. Know the appropriate length the hair needs to be. We try and get appointments done as fast as possible.  Approximately 20 minutes is what we shoot for.  If you come in with a full on seventies situation that's incredibly thick and longer than 1/2 inch, expect an incredibly awkward haircut with eyebrow scissors and to be here for an hour or more.  A grain of rice is a happy length.  If you're the type of person who's hair grows beyond that within a four week time span, get yourself some clippers with a 1/4-1/2 inch guard and tame that shit trim it before coming in.

4. In an effort to make you feel more at ease, just know that we are not, in the slightest, weirded out by seeing your lady parts whether we know you or you're a stranger.  We each have on average 4 to 5 appointments a day.  We see a lot.  We don't care.  We're honestly more focused on the growth pattern and planning our attack.  We're also professional which means confidential.  So relax and know your vagina won't be the exception. 

That was a lot of info.  Hopefully we answered some questions and didn't scare you off in the process.  If you think you want to take the trip, call or log on to to make an appointment. 

We'll see you in Brazil,




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